Types of Molds

Alumi-Nex Mold Inc. mainly focuses on the creation of blow molds. We commonly manufacture blow molds for products such as dairy, juice, medical, industrial containers, toys, as well as various others. If your product lends itself to blow molding, we can create the mold for it.

However, we also offer other types of molds for our clients. The following lists types of molds that we have the capabilities to create.

  • Reaction Injection Molds: Reaction injection molding is similar to injection molding. It can produce durable, lightweight products and is used for car parts such as bumpers and fenders.
  • Structural Foam Molds: Structural foam is a type of low-pressure injection mold that utilizes thermoplastics.
  • Vacuum Forming Molds: Vacuum forming is used in the constructing of speakers and dashboards.
  • Expandable Polystyrene Molds: Expandable Polystyrene is a type of a rigid foam made from expanded polystyrene beads, and it is often used for building insulation or packing peanuts.