Mold Manufacturing

Alumi-Nex, Webster, Massachusetts, Mold Manufacturing

Blow mold manufacturing here at Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. is both an art and a science.  We take our blow mold manufacturing seriously, so we employ only the best engineers and mold-making personnel.  We strongly encourage and recommend that our customers work closely with our engineering staff during the concept stage of each project to help minimize costly delays and avoid expensive design changes and prototyping.

Working from sketches, all ideas can be computerized into 2-D and/or 3-D designs. With a picture-generated file, customers can get a life like view of their newly developed product. Once models are approved, our program engineers begin producing surfaces generated by our CAM software. This data is downloaded from our engineering department to our state-of-the-art CNC machinery out on the production floor. Whether blown by; pull-up, ram down, bottom blow, needle blow, spin dome, entrapped air, etc., we have the knowledge to assist our customers completely. Every mold is inspected for quality before leaving our building. Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. has a very favorable history for quality, immediate running, and fast cycle times.

We commonly manufacture custom blow molds for products such as dairy, juice, medical, industrial containers, toys, as well as various others. If your product lends itself to blow molding, we can create the mold for it.

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