Our Services

Services offered at Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc., Webster, MAOur services at Alumi-Nex include:
  • Product development
  • Mold designs (for various kinds of machines)
  • Trimming Unit design and manufacturing (secondary and in mold)
  • Mold manufacturing (prototype and production)
  • Mold alterations
  • Mold refurbishing (complete with condition report and history of volume and bottle heights)
  • Technical support from within as well as outside supporting groups
  • Referrals
  • Standard mold components:
    –   Neck Finishes Inserts (any design)
    –   Top masters inserts
    –   Top Neck Blocks
    –   Machine Components
    –   Volume slugs and accessories
    –   Backplates (standard or anodized)
    –   Spin Trim Dome Caps
    –   Trimmer Parts
    –   Dome Caps

* Many of these components are in stock at our facility.