About Us

Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc, Webster, MA, About Mold ManufacturingLocated in south central Massachusetts, Alumi-Nex is a full service mold manufacturing facility. Since our establishment in March of 1987 Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc.  has built a reputation of excellence in the plastics blow molding industry.

We initially began by servicing companies throughout the United States and quickly adopted internationally.  Today our organization is known as a world class supplier of top quality mold manufacturing for the plastics blow molding industry.  Members of our staff have been in the business for over 140 years combined, using their knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best possible product.

Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. serves plastics industry in blow molding designing and manufacturing molds from the dairy and juice industries, along with making bottles of all types, housewares, dynamite containers, automotive parts, medical containers, lawn and garden decorations, seasonal items, toys, etc.  If  you need blow mold manufacturing and design, Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. is the place to go.

Our main concentration specialty is on any type of extrusion blow mold, however, we have since expanded into stretch blow molds, form fill & seal, entrapped air, structural foam, and expandable polystyrene.  We have the capability to design containers and molds up to approximately a 15 gallon container and, more importantly, we can manufacture those molds for any blow mold machine on the market today. We put a lot of emphasis on cooling systems, venting, and pinch-off characteristics that will greatly enhance the appearance and function of your mold and product’s appearence. We have manufactured molds for the Hayssen, Bekum, Uniloy, Rocheleau, Hesta, Impco, Fisher, Sterling, and Hardig blow molding machines, just to name a few. We utilize the latest in updated CAD / CAM equipment.

Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. is always striving for continuous improvement to strengthen our presence and our ability to serve the plastics industry.  We participate in major trade shows and have developed a favorable history for quality and immediate running with some of the fastest cycle times.  We invite you to join our list of satisfied customers from all over the United States and international countries.  We are sure Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. can meet or exceed all of your expectations.

What Makes Us Different

With many years of experience in the blow mold manufacturing industry, Alumi-Nex Mold, Inc. can assure you that you will find that our services not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.  You are given a choice of materials which will help reduce cycle time, lower your maintenance costs, and create a longer mold life.  Again, we have the capabilities to make molds for any blow mold machine on the market today. We will design molds to fit your equipment safely and with a minimum set-up time.  We have an above average “on time” delivery record, and all relevant data will be processed in a confidential and professional manner.

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